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BELUK is pioneer and leading manufacturer in the area of power factor control. Since 1956 we develop and produce innovative yet robust products for this technologically complex field. Also in the area of low and medium voltage switchgear our customers benefit from our trend- setting concepts. On the basis of this extensive Knowhow we offer not only proven standard components but tailored solutions fitting your specific requirements as well.

Experienced specialists will support you with words and deeds in your planning. The production organization has been set up following modern and lean principles and methods, and ensures a quick and cost- efficient production. The quality management system is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and ensures a constant high level of quality. We are permanently on the latest technological level due to a sound research and development. A large number of renowned customers all over the world document our reliability. Our todays’ generation of power factor controllers is the result of  ecades of continuous technological development.

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BELUK is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of reactive power controllers and power quality. Our experience in this technologically demanding special field dates back to 1956. But our customers have also benefited from our trend-setting concepts in switchgear construction for more than 30 years.

On the basis of this comprehensive know-how, we offer you sophisticated standard components as well as problem solutions that are specially tailored to your needs. Experienced specialists support you with words and deeds in your planning.

The production organisation is structured according to DIN EN ISO 9001, which ensures a consistently high level of quality. In addition, we are always up to date through sound research and development.

Power Factor Controller CX plus

The Power Factor Controller CX plus is a further development of the BLR CX relay. The focus during developments was on usability and elimination of errors, which can occur when using the device for the first time.

The user is given the opportunity to choose a user controlled initial setup when powering on the device. The CX plus algorithm guides the user through the menu items to query and set all necessary parameters for the regulation. A successful setup is now possible without a manual.

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Power Factor Controller CX eco

The Power Factor Controller CX eco is based on the CX plus, but the functionality is reduced to basic functions at a more economic price. The detected capacitor step sizes are verified and updated during operation so that it is always compensated with actual values. This way the ageing
of the capacitors is detected and an alarm is given and the relevant capacitor stage locked preventively when dropping
below a specific capacitance.

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Power Factor Controller CM series

High-Tech Power Factor Controller with the aim to reach the target cos as fast as possible and with the Minimum amount of switch cycles. The various regulating algorithms of the BLR-CM (real-time algorithm / mixed algorithm / Best Fit Algorithm) are the brain in this powerful PFC. With all the different
options and wide range of alarms it is adaptable to all challenging regulating tasks, like dynamic compensations.

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News & Innovations

Small but communicative: Our new MiniSCADA LC310. It connects what needs to be connected.

The BELUK MiniSCADA LC 310 is an easy-to-use web based SCADA system for local and remote control of any electrical devices, which are connected to it. The BELUK MiniSCADA hardware has a built-in web-server that operates when Customizing the graphical user web interface. Everything is done by clicking your way through the onboard web pages using a standard web browser on any computer. Therefore no Windows tools or HTML editors are needed. No license fees or royalties have to be paid. Connect the Modbus devices and select the desired data. Data, which has been configured, is shown automatically on the integrated webpage

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BELUK Thyristor switches - smooth switching now also for chokes

BELUK thyristor switches are known for their robust design and long service life. Since the response time to the trigger signal is in the millisecond range, thyristor switches are the ideal choice for applications with fast load changes. In contrast to contactors, the switching operations of Thyristor controllers are fast and wear-free. The minimization of transients protects the connected capacitors and prolongs their service life.

The BEL-TS is available in two different series. The classic BEL-TS devices are exclusively for switching capacitive loads. The new series consists of microprocessor-controlled devices, that can switch either inductors or capacitors. This series covers a range from 50 to 200 kvar.

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