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BROCKHAUS is an international leading manufacturer of instrumentation devices and systems for the quality control and examination of magnetic materials. Measurement of all magnetic properties in accordance with international standards.

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Instrumentation devices and systems for the quality control and examination of magnetic materials.
Measurement of all magnetic properties in accordance with international standards.

Product program: electrical steel tester, stator tester, Franklin tester, inline-measuring equipment, thickness-, width- and hole detection instruments, Hysteresisgraphs, Gaussmeter, Fluxmeter, coil systems, impulse magnetizing instruments, magnetizing devices, measuring and calibration service.
Hystograph HG 200

Hystograph for the determination of the magnetic properties of hard magnetic materials (AINiCo, Ferrite, SmCo, NdFeB, plastic bonded). Measuring procedure according to IEC 60404-5. This process runs with constant change of flux dΦ/dt and avoids interference caused by eddy currents and phase displacement between the field strength and polarization measurements. The measurement is highly accurate & has high reproducibility. Processor-controlled monitoring & regulation of increase in current.

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Electrical Steel Measuring System MPG 200 D

Measuring system to test soft magnetic materials. PC-based device with high end hardware fulfils requirements for internationally standardized testing of electrical steel in acc. with IEC60404ff; enables significant short measuring cycles while at the same time providing a high resolution of up to 2.5 Msamples sampling rate. Can meet customers wishes for measurements with non-standardized forms of exciting current such äs pulse-width modulations or nonsinusoidal forms of current.

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Hand-held Gaussmeter BGM 101

The hand-held Gaussmeter BGM 101 enables precise & user-friendly magnet field measurement by means of Hall sensors. Operation via multicolour touch display and programmable display settings. Supplied with a LiPo battery pack which ensures longterm operation. Data transfer via USB interface thus enabling further data processing on a PC. Extreme thin and flexible Hall probes which allow magnetic field measurements even in the tightest of spaces.

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BROCKHAUS MEASUREMENTS - Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
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News & Innovations


Professional training of customer staff at the BROCKHAUS Academy in Luedenscheid, Germany

  • Training of operators in the use of BROCKHAUS instruments
  • Support in self-maintenance works of BROCKHAUS testers
  • General update of knowledge in the field of magnetic measurements
  • View on future developments of hard- and soft magnetic materials


  • Assistance in implementation of measuring equipment
  • Improvement of existing Quality Control
  • Guidance in optimizing manufacturing process

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NEW: BROCKHAUS Automatic Stator Tester BST-FA

Fully automatic testing line for the continuous quality control of Stators (primarily determination of power loss in very short cycles) for industrial and EV & automotive applications

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NEW: BROCKHAUS Coercimeter CFT 200
Measuring system to determine the coercive field strength of magnetic materials in an open magnetic circuit acc. to IEC 60404-7
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