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ELATEC POWER DISTRIBUTION GmbH is a German EPC contractor of solutions for the power distribution. We manufacture our products in Germany including complete engineering, deliver to the end user, install and start up.
Our scope of deliveries and services in detail:

  • High voltage switchgears
  • Medium voltage switchgears
  • Low voltage switchgears
  • Compensation systems
  • Power generation and power plants
  • Package Substation and Kiosk Substation
  • Mobile Substation
  • Retrofit
  • Spare parts for all switchgears
  • EPC Contracting
  • Network planning and upgrading
  • Network and process simulations
  • Protection & control technology
  • Training for customers engineers
  • Supervision and start up
  • Civil works
  • Installation of substations, indoor and outdoor

With our experienced engineering team, we can provide you with complex electro-technical solutions for power generation, power quality, transmission and distribution. Our company stands for innovation, competence, quality and sustainability.

Products and services

  •  MV-switchgears
    Switchgear 12kV, up to 63kA, 4000A
    Switchgear 17,5kV, up to 40kA, 4000A
    Switchgear 24kV, up to 31,5kA, 2500A
    Switchgear 36kV, up to 31,5kA, 3150A
    Switchgear 40,5kV, up to 31,5kA, 4000A
    Metal enclosed and metal clad design

  • Withdrawable and fix version
  • HV-switchgears - GIS up to 145kV, 40kA, 2500A
  • Compensation systems
  • LV-switchgears Motor Control Center up to 690V, 120kA, 6300A
  • Power distribution indoor and outdoor - Trailer substations - AIS / GIS switchgears - Containerized substations
  • Power generation - Generator switchgear
  • Package Substation and Kiosk - Individual solutions manufactured according to customer’s requirements
  • Mobile Substation - 132/33kV, 132/11kV, 33/11kV
  • Retrofit / Revamp - Development and production of switching devices for existing switchgear systems - Installation of new components on existing switching devices
  • Spare parts
  • EPC Contracting
  • Training for engineers
  • Supervision and start up
  • Civil works
Medium voltage switchgear M18

Our compact medium voltage switchgear M18 in withdrawable design is used as compact grid and distribution station for different applications up to 24kV. The areas of application are e.g. in the industry or at energy supply companies.

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Medium voltage switchgear M13

Our compact medium voltage switchgear M13 in withdrawable unit design is developed for many applications within the secondary and primary energy distribution.

In addition to the withdrawable design fields, are panels in fixed-mounted design available. The switchgear is used as grid and power distribution station, e.g. in die industry, for the public power supply, at energy supply companies as well as certified switchgear for marine applications.

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Medium voltage switchgear M19

Our air isolated switchgear M19 in fix installed design for indoor installation is used as ring main unit in power companies.

The ring main panel is equiped with load disconnector and make proof erathing switch, the transformer panel is equiped with fuse-switch disconnector and make proof erathing switch.

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Elatec Power Distribution GmbH
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 6
54329 Konz

Phone: +49 6501 9494-0
Fax: +49 6501 9494-94
Internet: www.elatec.net
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Contact person

Hayder Naji
Sales Middle East
Phone: +49 6501 9494-43
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News & Innovations

Medium voltage switchgear Type M20

The switchgear M20 is a compact switchgear for the application in different areas of the secondary distribution in utilities and industry.
It’s compakt design, with horizontal movable circuit breaker, is a real alternative to SF6 insulated switchgears.


  • Compact secondary distribution switchgear with withdrawable circuit breaker.
  • SF6-free, air insulated.
  • Efficient use of space thanks to very compact design.
  • Type-tested pressure relief duct.
  • Easy upgrade of disconnector panels with motor drive for a later remote control.

Technical data:

  • Rated voltage: 12kV
  • Rated current: 630A
  • Rated short time current: ...25kA/1s
  • Rated peak time current: …63kA
  • Arc proof withstand current: …25kA
  • Dimensions W x H x D = 600x1.900x 870mm

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HV-circuit breakers
As extension of our service portfolio, we can offer you the installation, commissioning and service of outdoor HV-circuit breakers.
In special trainings the technical knowledge which is necessary for carrying out assembly, commissioning and service on the circuit breakers was conveyed.

The following services can be offered:

Determination of protection parameters and design of the components
SF6 gas filling of high voltage circuit breakers
Resistance measurement of the switches (Omicron Cibano 500)
Switching time determination (Omicron Cibano 500)
Connection to the SCADA-system
Connection to the control room
Protection tests (Omicron CMC356)
Primary current test of the current transformers
Signal check and test of interlocks to upstream and downstream switchgears
Maintenance and retesting
Documentation of all tests

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Power Quality
In the field of electrical and simulation engineering, our experienced employees can support your specialists and take the pressure off them in a variety of ways:

Engineering Power Quality Network planning and upgrading
Engineering Power Quality Network and process simulations
Engineering Power Quality Metrological grid survey
Engineering Power Quality Fault analysis
Engineering Power Quality Dimensioning
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