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Being a worldwide acting company in the field of machinery and equipment engineering, we have specialized in development, design, assembly and inspection of customized customer solutions. As system provider for the electrical and automotive industries as well as for the segments of wind energy, pharmaceutics and medicine, we offer unique and innovative technical products as well as services throughout your entire chain of requirements. With more than 230 employees in 30 countries plus, we put focus on the processing of insulating media under vacuum to optimize dielectric properties in the range of silicone, cast resin and oil/paper insulation equipment.

Our optimized Vacuum Casting Processes for E-Motor Components allow heat dissipation from the respective group to be considerably increased and perfectly fix the windings in the rotors, thus enabling stable speeds higher than 20,000 rpm.

Products and services

  • Vacuum equipment for cast resin insulation
  • Vacuum equipment for oil/paper insulation
  • Moulds and clamping machines
  • Software & automation solutions
  • Equipment for composite vacuum infusion
  • E-mobility solutions
  • Equipment for VPI applications
  • Vacuum pumping units

Equipment for Cast Resin Insulation

Wherever reactive resin systems are processed, this is where our design for preparation, mixing and dosing is implemented. Based on our decades of experience, we have permanently developed and perfected our vacuum systems for cast resin insulation.

To name just a few of our innovations let us introduce the on-demand principle for on-the-fly degassing in our batch equipment and our patented on-the-fly formulation units for a continuous preparation of the desired cast resin system.

Equipment for Oil/Paper Drying and Ipregnation

HEDRICH offers a variety of drying technologies for different applications. Only carefully dried insulation materials ensure a trouble-free operation of electric high-performance components and slow down the aging process. For the materials used to insulate transformers it is extremely important to minimize moisture to guarantee dielectric strength and dimensional stability.

Vacuum Infusion Equipment

HEDRICH has developed vacuum infusion equipment for the casting of rotor blades for wind energy systems and composite components. The process taking place under vacuum increases the quality of the products.

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Sascha Kandler
Head of Marketing
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7th, Yangtai Road, Xinyang Industrial Area, Haicang District
361026 Xiamen
P. R. China

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