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HVR International GmbH used to be named Conradty Mechanical & Electrical before it was taken over by HVR. Conradty was founded 1855 and developed the SiC non-linear resistors (Varistors) in 1940. In 2007 HVR took over the ceramic varistor and resistor devision.
Our extensive programme includes the ideal component for your application.

All raw materials used in our Varistors and Resistors are of highest quality and permanently controlled.

We develop and manufacture parts according to your specification.
The HVR Group of resistor technology companies comprises three manufacturing divisions.

  • HVR International Limited, located in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, UK, specialises in Linear Ceramic Carbon Resistor Technology.
  • HVR Pentagon Limited, located in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, manufactures a wide range of Wire Wound Power Resistor Products.
  • HVR International GmbH, located in Roethenbach, Bavaria, DE, specialises in Nonlinear Silicon Carbide Varistor, Zinc Oxide Varistor and Metal Ceramic Resistor Technology.

Products and services

We develop and manufacture parts according to your specification.

  • Si-Metal Ceramic Resistors (High Load, Non Inductive Compound Resistors)
  • VDR – Silicon Carbide non-linear Resistors (Varistors) (Non-Inductive Compound non-linear Resistor, voltage dependent for high and low voltage application)
  • Metal Oxide Varistors (voltage dependent resistors on a Zinc Oxide basis)
  • ilicon Carbide Heating Elements (High Temperature Resistor Heating Elements)

Anti-Condensation Heaters

HVR Pentagon Anti-Condensation heaters have been designed for use in switch and control gear cubicles, where a low wattage heater is required to prevent condensation. They comprise a vitreous enamelled resistor mounted in a sheet steel case and having a removable perforated sheet steel cover. There is a cable entry grommet at each end and M4 terminal screws are provided on the resistor. Dimensions and power ratings for assembled resistors are shown in the Technical Specification.

Silicon Carbid Varistor

The HVR SiC varistors have good voltage dependences and high energy absorption. They are manufactured mainly as discs with varying sizes, as the required electric values are most easily obtained with these geometric dimensions. One of the most advantages of a SiC Varistor is the behaviour in the case of a fault. It has a self-healing characteristic and doesn´t shorten the circuit.

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Si-Metal Resistors (Silicos)

The HVR Silico resistors have high power dissipation and high energy absorption. They are manufactured mainly as rods and tubes with varying sizes. Over 90 years of Silico developement in our company. Our Silico Rod and Tube ceramic can bear the following temperatures:
- Continuous 350°C
- Short time 390°C
- In case of failure up to 600°C
The Silico Resistors may be connected in series or parallel for various fields of application.

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News & Innovations

We have re-designed our stacks for higher currents the new HP system (HP High Performance) which is used for Generator de-excitations.
The new system allow a better current flow performance over the stack
The SiC Varistors manufactured by HVR in Germany are tested to extrem high temperatures. The continous operating temp. can be above 200°C (short time up to 300°C) which increase the energy capability up to 140kJ per disc. on our stack.
Get in contact with us an we will calculate your individual solution.
We still calculate with a lot space to the max possibilities of our technology.
We have an advantage in our technology, why not using it ?

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