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Experienced Specialists for High Voltage Engineering


  • Insulation condition assessment (cables, switchgear,
    motors/generators, transformers,…)
  • Development and production of diagnostic equipment
  • On-site services
  • Engineering and construction of customized HV-test equipment and test systems
  • Trainings

ohv diagnostic GmbH manufactures test and measurement equipment for diagnosing the condition of electrical assets such as medium and high voltage cables, transformers, rotating machines, switchgear, etc.

Our top goals in development are maximum precision and easy operation. Our product range is constantly growing and includes DAC testing devices for MV and HV cables, partial discharge monitoring systems as well as customer-specific devices and systems.

Comprehensive quality control is an integral part of our company philosophy. We combine scientific know-how, technical expertise and practical experience, all for your benefit!

Products and services

Product overview:

On-site MV cable diagnostic: DAC M30 / M40 / M60
On-site HV cable diagnostic: DAC H180 / H300
On-site VLF cable testing: M30 Sinus
Electrical PD measurement: PDD-2
PD monitoring systems: PDMS
Handheld PD measurement: PPDD


On-site commissioning and diagnosis
Engineering and construction of customized HV-test systems

On-Site MV Cable Diagnostic DAC M30 / M40 / M60

• Generates Damped Alternating Current (DAC), a wave shape similar
to AC line voltage as per IEEE 400.4 and IEC 60060-3
• Maximum impulse peak voltage 30/40/60 kV
• Partial discharge (PD) and tan δ (loss factor) assessment of new
and service aged cables
• Applications include non-destructive maintenance, diagnostics and
acceptance testing
• Accurate fault location mode
• Cable sheath testing
• Combined systems DAC / VLF-CR available

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Electrical PD Measurement PDD-2

• PD measurement as per IEC 60270
• Fully digital, high resolution data acquisition and processing
• Frequency bandwidth 20 kHz to 20 MHz
• 1/3/6 PD channel option
• Advanced algorithms for PD evaluation
• Applications include test laboratory and off-site measurement
• Lightweight and compact design in 19ˮ Standard rack or Peli case housing

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Portable PD Detector

• Multifunctional portable partial discharge detector (PPDD)
• Includes ultrasonic, TEV and HFCT sensor options
• Applications include MV switchgear, transformers, rotating machines and cables
• Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) and waveform recording feature
• Real time data display with PRPD
• Internal storage up to 64 GB

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