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RPT Ruhstrat Power Technology designs and produces test solutions, voltage optimizers and transformers. In test solutions, RPT specializes in test solutions for temperature rise, motors and pumps as well as testing systems for high voltage cables (heat cycle tests). In the area of voltage optimization, RPT relies on over 80 years of experience to offer modern equipment to protect against voltage dips and ensure voltage stabilization. RPT’s transformer production for low and medium voltage with control cabinets guarantee a continuous high quality of all electrical elements.

The entire staff uses our expertise, based on more than 130 years of experience, to absolutely satisfy the requirements of our demanding customers at all times. This is made possible by custom solutions, which we develop in close cooperation with our customers. Our only mass produced products are those that meet specific customer requirements.

Products and services

Test Systems with voltage, current and frequency regulation.

Voltage Stabilizers for low- and medium voltage. DeltaVolt – Energy cost reduction by voltage optimization.

Dry-type transformers and cast resin transformers.
DeltaVolt - Energy cost reduction by voltage optimization

DeltaVolt systems control and stabilize the supplied mains voltage and ensure that it is stabilized at a level that is economically and technically optimal for the application. This leads to a reduced power consumption, especially for voltage-dependent consumer groups, and thus to a noticeable reduction in energy costs. Furthermore, a stabilized operating voltage leads to an extension of the service life of all electrical consumers.

EOS - Electronic Online Stabilizer

EOS corrects voltage fluctuations within less than 10 ms, the adjustment already being executed within 250 µs. Normally deviations are compensated completely within 2 – 3 ms. Problems caused by voltage imbalance, voltage increase or dips are compensated immediately after the system has been started, since no batteries have to be charged. The high control rate of EOS is unique and particularly important to protect sensitive implementations also in case of rapid return of mains voltage.

Cast-resin Transformers

RPT offers cast-resin transformers with power up to 20 MVA and voltages up to 36 kV. They are manufactured in accordance with IEC 60076-11:2004, VDE 0532-76-11:2005-04, DIN EN 50588-1:2016-03, as well as special country-specific regulations and customer requirements.

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