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Having been in the solar market for 60 years — longer than any other company in the industry — Sharp's experience in the photovoltaic (PV) business is unrivalled. As a pioneer in the PV market Sharp has been a driving force behind the use of photovoltaic technologies for decades and has delivered more than 50 million PV modules worldwide. The generated power of 14.3 GW (gigawatts) corresponds to a total CO2 avoidance of 156 Mt (megatons). With new solar applications in high-tech sectors of the industry including aviation and eMobility, Sharp continues to demonstrate its aptitude for innovation.

For residential, industrial and free-field installations Sharp offers 72 and 60 cell polycrystalline and monocrystalline high-performance PV panels. Sharp’s solar business is part of a corporation with a broad range of products and a strong financial backbone, as confirmed by Bloomberg’s Tier 1 listing.

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For residential, industrial and free-field installations Sharp offers 72 and 60 cell polycrystalline and monocrystalline high-performance PV panels.

Sharp PV modules are being used around the world, in a wide range of applications and environments. From the mountains to the desert, from icy climates to extreme humidity and heat, Sharp panels have proven to be robust and reliable. Stringent product tests from Sharp are based on decades of industry experience and are up to five times stricter than those required by IEC standards. All modules come with a 10-year product warranty, a 25 years linear performance warranty and multiple certificates (incl. DEWA) for each product line.

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Benefit from our broad product range and exceptional support based on 60 years of solar expertise.

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Sharp Electronics GmbH
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Andrew Lee
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News & Innovations

SHARP celebrates 60 years of solar expertise
Have a look at our pioneering solar history. Click on the link to find out more.
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Toyota Prius powered with SHARP solar panels
SHARP is collaborating with Toyota and NEDO (a national research and development organization) on developing a car that runs on solar power. Public road trials have started in late July. The road tests aim to assess reductions in CO2 emissions and improvements in convenience, such as the number of times charging is required. SHARP’s modularized high efficiency thin film modules (Triple-junction compound technology) are only 0.03mm thick and have a conversion efficiency of over 34 percent, generating approximately 860 W of power. The Prius’ hood, roof and rear hatch door are equipped with the flexible and lightweight modules charging the car while it is parked or driving. Depending on usage pattern additional plug-in recharging may be obsolete. We are excited that SHARP is contributing to the transformation of the transport sector for a sustainable future.
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New: Highest-yielding half-cell PV panels
Cutting full solar cells into half, the electrical current flow through the cells is halved and resistance losses are reduced to ¼ of the losses of a full-cell. This results in a 2-3% higher wattage class and a higher yield per module. Another positive effect is that the lower current reduces hot spot effects. While conventional full-cell modules are divided into 3 subcell strings, half-cut cell modules are divided into 2 x 3 sub-cell strings; 3 placed in the upper and 3 in the lower half of the module. The top and bottom of the module are electrically connected in parallel. The 3 bypass diodes are also connected in parallel to the upper and lower side of the module. Both factors reduce mismatch losses in shading, soiling and crack situations. In portrait installation, half-cell modules can deliver up to 50% more yield than full-cell modules in certain shading scenarios.
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