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Von Roll, global market leader for electrical insulation materials and systems is offering the full range of electrical insulation products for generators, high- and low-voltage machines, traction motors, wind parks, transformers, thermal protection and more.

Von Roll provides insulation materials, composites, tests and services for energy generation markets such as wind, hydro, coal, gas and oil, nuclear power plants, for energy transmission, transmission grid and storage, transformers, and for industrial applications such as fire-resistant cables, presses, ovens, smelters, electric drives, electronics, automotive, transport, paper and textile industries.

Products and services

Von Roll offers products and solutions for the electrical insulation of high-and low-voltage applications.

Our target markets include generators for thermal and water-driven power plants, industrial machines, traction motors, transformers, the automotive, consumer, electronics, chemical, oil and gas industries, energy transmission and storage systems, presses, ovens and ball bearings.

For all these markets, we deliver products such as anti-corona and mica tapes, resins, varnishes, wires, composites and further specialties.

Mica tapes for fire resistant cables

Cablosam® mica-based tapes keep vital electrical installations operational: e.g. safety equipment such as smoke detectors, fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, water pumps and evacuation elevators that need to remain functional for many hours during a fire.

Von roll was able to develop a new generation of 3-layer Cablosam® . This innovation allows cable manufacturers to decrease their purchase volume of mica tapes by half while keeping the same fire resistance performances.

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Von Roll products and solutions for e-mobility

As a partner in innovation and a supporter of green energy, we serve the e-mobility market by providing essential products for the core components of electric and hybrid cars.
We propose new solutions to our customers based on our wide product range and our vast experience with impregnating resins, flexible and rigid laminates, and wire conductors.

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Samicabond® PLUS - the next generation of insulation system for Class H rotating electrical machines

For over 25 years Samicabond® has been successfully used as an insulation system for VPI machines. The next generation of this system is based on epoxy resin and contains perfectly matched components to further increase the service life and efficiency of HV machines. Samicabond® PLUS is particularly suitable for high-stress industrial applications, emergency power- and wind power generators. Samicabond® PLUS class H shows its clear advantages in HV machines with higher thermal utilization.

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