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New: Highest-yielding half-cell PV panels

Cutting full solar cells into half, the electrical current flow through the cells is halved and resistance losses are reduced to ¼ of the losses of a full-cell. This results in a 2-3% higher wattage class and a higher yield per module. Another positive effect is that the lower current reduces hot spot effects. While conventional full-cell modules are divided into 3 subcell strings, half-cut cell modules are divided into 2 x 3 sub-cell strings; 3 placed in the upper and 3 in the lower half of the module. The top and bottom of the module are electrically connected in parallel. The 3 bypass diodes are also connected in parallel to the upper and lower side of the module. Both factors reduce mismatch losses in shading, soiling and crack situations. In portrait installation, half-cell modules can deliver up to 50% more yield than full-cell modules in certain shading scenarios.

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Exhibitor: Sharp Electronics GmbH


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