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Toyota Prius powered with SHARP solar panels

SHARP is collaborating with Toyota and NEDO (a national research and development organization) on developing a car that runs on solar power. Public road trials have started in late July. The road tests aim to assess reductions in CO2 emissions and improvements in convenience, such as the number of times charging is required. SHARP’s modularized high efficiency thin film modules (Triple-junction compound technology) are only 0.03mm thick and have a conversion efficiency of over 34 percent, generating approximately 860 W of power. The Prius’ hood, roof and rear hatch door are equipped with the flexible and lightweight modules charging the car while it is parked or driving. Depending on usage pattern additional plug-in recharging may be obsolete. We are excited that SHARP is contributing to the transformation of the transport sector for a sustainable future.

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Exhibitor: Sharp Electronics GmbH


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