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For cleaning and degreasing electro-technical equipment

WEICON Electro Contact Cleaner is used for fast and efficient cleaning and degreasing of soiled or corroded contacts of all kinds. This special formulation with high-purity solvents removes oxide or sulphide layers, combustion residues as well as resinous or sooty soiling from electro-technical or mechanical parts like measuring instruments, tools, balances, switches, sensors, etc.

Electro Contact Cleaner reduces voltage losses and increases the electric conductivity. Contamination that can cause tracking current is removed.

Due to its low surface tension and viscosity, Electro Contact Cleaner penetrates deeply into the finest channels and fissures, thus developing its efficiency exactly at the point of soiling. Electro Contact Cleaner is neutral against metals, plastics, elastomers, lacquers and coatings. The compatibility with sensitive surfaces or materials should be tested prior to use.

Exhibitor: WEICON GmbH & Co. KG


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